Personal Statement

I create art because I have a need to express myself. It is a passion.

Using my camera, I try to capture the essence of my subject while looking for a new and fresh way to make a statement.

I want to capture and retain memories as well as share my vision. The beauty that surrounds me reminds me of the existence of God, a respite from a universe often filled with turmoil.

Many of us are so rushed and harried in our everyday lives, we don’t take the time to stop and look at our surroundings. The camera captures the moment and the photographer sends a message that transcends time.

I have had the privilege of visiting museums all over the world and  especially love the rich color of the Dutch painters and the lively and free expression of the French expressionists.

In my photography, I keep those elements in mind. I have also studied sculpture and painting and I believe these have added to my expression. I am always aware of the available light and the effect on my subject.